Solving youth unemployment through partnerships.


Harambee is a not-for-profit social enterprise with extensive experience building solutions and innovations that can solve the global youth unemployment challenge. We partner with business, government, young people and many others who are committed to results that can work at scale.

We connect employers who are looking for entry-level talent to high-potential South African youth who are hungry for opportunity but lack the finances and networks needed to find jobs because they come from poor households. We tackle the youth unemployment challenge using data, innovation, partnerships and on-the-ground experience to build pragmatic, implementable solutions that get results.

Partnered with
employers from large
corporates to SMEs
We've helped over
young people find
their first job
Created job matches with over


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We have partnered with the following highly respected brands:


10 Steps to get Young People Working

A two-day summit focused on youth and unemployment which was attended by more than 100 organisations from the private and public sector has come up with ten steps to put young people to work.

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We Need to Give Youth a Better Deal in Terms of Jobs

Youth employment and job creation go hand in hand, says President Cyril Ramphosa in a special message delivered on his behalf at the Accelerating Inclusive Youth Employment conference.

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Three Learnings for Harambee's Lean Impact Pilot

Our own experiences have shown the power of iteration and how overcoming the fear to iterate can result in unexpected, better solutions.

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Google Highlights our use of Big Data to Solve Youth Unemployment

Harambee has collected data from more than 1.4 million unemployed youth through digital applications as well as on the phone and in person to build its ‘employability map’

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Harambee is Developing an Alternative ‘Pathwaying Platform’

Maryana Iskander, Chief Executive of Harambee, spoke at the Skoll World Forum about how Harambee is developing a tech platform to help excluded young people find jobs.

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Every single day, thousands of lives are impacted by the work of Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator.
Harambee has contributed to enabling inclusive growth, resilient cities, and sustainable economies in the partnerships that it has built with business and government.
Harambee is providing cutting edge insights – globally – on the barriers facing young people and what is needed to break them down.
Harambee’s work has created the leading example in nation-building by business, civil society and government.